Begin or not to begin

So…starting to change and realising the massive amounts of holes in your life that need to be filled with some productive and useful “thing” is gonna be easy…NOT. are you mad! Its gonna have you on your knees crying and begging…pleading…so we begin…almost

Ultra Change


Ultra Change

Its not easy to change, one minute you feel okay. That you can go on with your life as it is without anything happening. Its true that’s what happens. The longer you sit around and do nothing different with your life then it stays the same….Change!!! what does it actually mean.

NO! I do not mean getting up in the morning and saying “you know what? I am gonna change today!”
Change can be right away…like a death or a marriage…a new born baby and so on…you get the point.

Ultra change what is that?…Its you! Changing your whole personality, the way you think, talk and so on. Its like trying to get rid of bad skin and starting again. The problem with this is how do humans do that. How do we become the people we want to became.

We would still have our memory, the lessons that we have learnt over the years, our passed and present all has its reasons. And because of these we have become who we are today. But we moan about our lives, the ins and outs the ups the downs.

Moaning…yep what do we moan about. Money, sex, weight, diet…lack of knowledge, wisdom…i can list so many more, but it would just get boring after so many. I THINK YOU realise what I am getting at though, right?

I have been moaning about my life for so long now and blaming others for what I see now as my own failures and to be honest with you it sucks. Within the ultra change we have to go deeper within the very being of one self and by doing so we can see what makes us happy…like really happy, jumping running and smiling happy…almost child like.

Its time to see if we can see our happy child like self….Being that I am a 33 year old women, I am actually an adult so acting like a child inst gonna work for me…but the emotion of happiness is going to enjoy every single bit of this transfer.

Its not going to be easy as my adult self will not want to do what my child like side wants to do. But where possible my adult side will just have to behave.

So tomorrow we begin!