The challenge


A smooth Morning

I seem to get more stressed in the morning then I do more at any other time in the day. Planning the day so that everything is ready is done the night before and it seems this works better for me, but there are times when I forget to do something and then I panic in the morning because that one things hasn’t been done…I am no perfectionist but I do like order…things need to go in order 1,2,3. You would put your shoes on and then your socks now would you? Or put the milk in the tea without the tea bag…I like to make things as easy as possible.

ON Monday it wasn’t smooth at all. I tried to type a post about that but I got so0o0o0o0o0o0 busy on Monday that I just didn’t do it…its sat there in my drafts waiting for me to finish it…and I will…just not yet…

Today though I am sitting here just before school run with my daughter on my other half of our sofa, she’s dressed and fed ready to go to school waiting frozen while I sit here in pleasure writing this to you. I have incense on and I am relaxed calm and ready for the day of collection avon brochures and coming home to do paper works and hopefully processing some orders as I go. Then I reset the brochures and go and drop then off at new houses and I then come back home, I might have time for a seeking cup of tea before I go and get fedora from school at 3pm.

I also have to do the normal house hold duties too, like cleaning…my hoover hasn’t worked well in the last month and I have finally managed to save up the £100 I needed to get another…I would like to get the hoover from Tesco in which is a Henry…I would love that lol. ITS ONLY £99. I hope I can get it…

Kitchen gets done round the clock, its only ever the dishes or cloths that put the kitchen to shame but even then it’s minimal. The living room is more crazy really as I always forget to do the washing, putting the washing away is a little thing I just ignore. The clean washing gets dumped on my chair and left….until I Finlay get the means to actually sort it.

The upstairs is not much fun, Fedora whom is 7 on the 31st of October has a very large bedroom, in fact her dad and I had wanted to spilt it in half and she would still a have too much space, never the less its a mess and too messy for my liking and yes you can imagine the tantrums I get when I ask her to tidy it…but I do have my way in the end…mum knows best…she hate me saying it,

MY BEDROOM, is THE dumping ground, I haven’t slept in my bedroom for almost 6 months, my bed broke almost a year ago and I moved in to fedoras room to see if the size would make it easier for her to keep it tidy…nope it was even worse…so I moved everything back. My bedroom then just wasn’t the same. I soon realised that fedora had been drawing on the walls and pulled the wall paper and that made me dislike the room even more…so now its just a dumping ground for everything I do not need or want to look at….

The bathroom is a the moment go cat litter trays in and can be a little over whelming, but not because I don’t clean it just because I have so much stuff I need to put away in there. Such a small white room really should be neat.

MY stairs have no carpet because my cats decided it was their best interest to rip the carpet to the point that we could trip over it…so up it came. I had planned to paint the stairs and make it all pretty but …I start something but never get to seem to finish anything…

Oh dear one minute left…anyway on we must get…The day started three hours ago and I am no nearer the finish line…but on we get and on we go…speak soon


Okay lets begin

So I said at the beginning of the day that I would start a new way of thinking…and change…the ultra way. But go figure I haven’t even started. NOT BECAUSE I am scared or just cant be arsed, its more for the fact that its the damn pissing weekend, so I am gonna try doing the change thing later…okay? NO! Change isn’t in your time line, lets all face it when there is a reason for change it mostly happens there and then not a few days later.

So we have a great opportunity to try and figure out when we start and plan a head. This weekend that’s what my homework is…and yours if you want to join in.

The first thing we need to do is to make a list of all the things that we are happy about. Could be that your house isn’t as tidy and clean as you may want it or you may find that the diet plan really isn’t hitting the stop…(most diets don’t…dont let us fool our selves here) It could be that your love life is not as great as it should be…or that your marriage is going down the toilet…..we can change everything.


It’s you and I that need to change, dont get me wrong its not for anyone’s benefits but our own.

I will let you all know my list later on…for now I have to go my tea…

Ultra Change


Ultra Change

Its not easy to change, one minute you feel okay. That you can go on with your life as it is without anything happening. Its true that’s what happens. The longer you sit around and do nothing different with your life then it stays the same….Change!!! what does it actually mean.

NO! I do not mean getting up in the morning and saying “you know what? I am gonna change today!”
Change can be right away…like a death or a marriage…a new born baby and so on…you get the point.

Ultra change what is that?…Its you! Changing your whole personality, the way you think, talk and so on. Its like trying to get rid of bad skin and starting again. The problem with this is how do humans do that. How do we become the people we want to became.

We would still have our memory, the lessons that we have learnt over the years, our passed and present all has its reasons. And because of these we have become who we are today. But we moan about our lives, the ins and outs the ups the downs.

Moaning…yep what do we moan about. Money, sex, weight, diet…lack of knowledge, wisdom…i can list so many more, but it would just get boring after so many. I THINK YOU realise what I am getting at though, right?

I have been moaning about my life for so long now and blaming others for what I see now as my own failures and to be honest with you it sucks. Within the ultra change we have to go deeper within the very being of one self and by doing so we can see what makes us happy…like really happy, jumping running and smiling happy…almost child like.

Its time to see if we can see our happy child like self….Being that I am a 33 year old women, I am actually an adult so acting like a child inst gonna work for me…but the emotion of happiness is going to enjoy every single bit of this transfer.

Its not going to be easy as my adult self will not want to do what my child like side wants to do. But where possible my adult side will just have to behave.

So tomorrow we begin!

Nothing but now

So lockdown take 2

ITS not like we don’t know what we are doing…or do we?

It’s this or that. I am glad that I am still able to do avon, In which a lot of changed have been made to make sure that MY customers that is,

I am at the moment organising my kitchen and god damn it! It really needed doing. I cant believe how many lids I have kept where no tubs belong to. Never the less its almost done. Two cupboards down eight more to go.

Fedora had a great birthday, but she seems to think that I am gonna tidy up her damn mess…bar matey i have far more important and more enjoyable things to do that do your bedroom or pick up your damn toys…saying that If she leaves it long enough i will have no choice as the hoovering is needed. However if this is the case she will lose what toys to the toy jail and then…bye bye until she can make me believe that she will tidy them up again.

Anyway better get tea going as is nearly 4.30pm and i haven’t even started…don’t even know what we are having…

Speak soon


A busy life

Without sounding weird or crazy, I feel that life is so much faster when one is busy.

I sit here after spending about an hour on my avon paperwork and then realise that I have another 160 brochures still to put together before Monday morning…however I have a routine to do 20 brochures to do in the morning and the same in the evening throughout the weekend. Meaning I should get things done. Avon isn’t all about orders…there is a lot of work involved.

Then there is the fact that I am still trying to understand my diet/lifestyle. Before the lockdown I was finally just employed and I was so looking forward to the coming year. Not only that but I was on the challenge. Which was a diet/lifestyle of grain, sugar and dairy free…I lost three stone on it…but gain it all back and more in the damn lockdown…honest that’s the reason…;p

ANYWAY LIFE seemed to be going my way, for once. But no. LOCKDOWN…I don’t normally swear but I am sure people are with me on this…the lockdown was a fucking mental torture.

I have mental health issue along with physical but I manage…more so now then ever but staying in and losing my new job because of childcare really took the biscuit.

SO I signed up, to body shop so that I could sell it and get some money…extra. But it fell through no one on my facebook page wanted to pay the prices. Even if the products spoke for them selves people just wasn’t having any of it. Yes I sold some products but Most of my sales come from my own want for the products. IT WAS a fail.

Never mind that, I then signed up to avon, it cost me £5 to do so. My mum been doing avon for so many years I have lost count of how many. But she got me started and I found that I didn’t need to buy the products to test them like I had to with the body shop. In fact the set up was as easy as 1,2,3. In fact it was that easy that within the first two weeks I had made my first £250+ sales…more then I had with Body shop.

That was July, In August I managed to get £600+ sales, In September I managed to get £700+, In October I wanted to see if I could relax slightly which isn’t really necessary with avon as you do what hours that suit you. But in August , September I worked Monday, Wednesday and Friday…not to managed most of the evenings. LEAVING the weekends for me and my family. But in October I decided to have a week off…I wasn’t too well so in stead of stressing more I relaxed and got better…go me. But it made me feel like I was catching up. Which I was. However i didn’t miss a street or house or lose custom. Yet i only managed to get £500+ sales. So i have now decided that in November i am going to work. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, morning and afternoons…which i was doing in August and September where i was only doing mornings in October….YOU have to put in the effort to receive the orders. It is not just sitting on your arse.

Which until recently I thought it was…go figure.

So anyway busy life. Not only have i been studying my lifestyle changes, doing my avon and looking after my daughter and keeping the house in order…i also had kittens!!! No i mean physically…not me…but my two female cats…of course they weren’t male lol.

THE FIRST litter came on Monday the 24th of august 2020…and there was three boys and one girls. These became Sméagol, Gandalf the grey/Tiddles, trigger/tigger and Freda

THE SECOND litter came on Tuesday the 22rd of September 2020…and there was three boys and one girl. These became James, Aragon/Paragon, Kristoff and Mabel.

Looking after these beauts has been my best work ever and i have loved every minute, sad times on homing them and tomorrow i am going to say goodbye to my little darlings of nine weeks old. Freda and triggure, as they are going to their new homes then…boohoo. But to be fair i knew I wasn’t able to keep all of them…and being me i have been able to keep three…i do believe you have to have more then 10 cats to be classed as a mad cat lady lol. But they are my fur babies and i am gonna miss them.

Oh and its my daughters birthday on Saturday…so busy life makes things go quicker, The lockdown was so slow I almost believed time had stopped. BUT the last few month have gone passed so quickly I didn’t see the months pass by…and i am loving it. Let’s hope that this year ends where the cv19 is also gone…for good and that we can get back on track one way or another. I have not sat here for over an hour typing away like its the best thing after slice bread…got to get my arse moving……so much to be done and not that much time to do it in…lets hope my daughter has cleaning her room…i doubt it.

Speak soon darlings

Shoaba x


Trying to sit down and write is difficult at the best of times. I suppose I just need to organise my work load so that I can actually do what I love to do…write. ITS MY PASS TIME. I just really need to make a time in the day that I can write and only write…does it seem that times flys by when you are busy, Interesting enough I love being busy and finding time to enjoy every part of my life…even my job and my family and just being me…life has changed and for the better too.

Time isn’t limited, its what we do with the time that is given to us…

Miss nice

Miss nice

I am meant to be nice all the time they say, dont be rude always use your manners and make sure that people know that you are kind, a loving person…well I say go fuck your self. I am mad at the moment for personal reasons that I will not go into here…but life sucks doesnt it. Not all the time of course but there are times when you may think you go what just for one moment…for one god damn moment I want to have one day …one hour or even one minute to my god damn self to try and even the score. Karma? Do you believe in it? Because I do. Is it possible for someone like me that believes in karma to speak her mind once in a while and not get her head bitten off in the process. I am sick and tired of being treated like a mug….a walk over. I befriend people that seem to only see me as a money purse and lap on to me like a money vampire. Knowing all the while that I am actually worse off then them selves. I do not lend money out to anyone anymore because it sucks when you have to fall out with these so called friends to get the money back and then the lies come and there discuss, because they have realised I am not falling for their shit anymore. So yeah take a leaf out of my book start being more of an arsewhole, because then people might stay the fuck away and not treat you like a mug….

Thing about things

it’s never to late to rewind time and think of all the things that you have done and what you wish to do before your life ends. I think of this many times a week. What could I have done to suit the situation matter. Could I have been nicer. Should I have done something different. The answers to these questions aren’t always given but it’s good to look back and think what if. As long as it doesn’t take over your present life x I had gotten So wrapped up in my passed that I forgot to look out for my further x life is only enjoyed when you actually live it x

Introduction to My challenge

Introduction to My challenge

At the beginning of the year I planned to do The challenge which was to go onto a diet free from grain, sugar and dairy. But for my lack of strength and will power I happened to faultier and it pains me so to admit it.

But there you go.

Most of my posts have day 1 or take 2 day 3 on them. This time I will figure a way to name the post as I see fit. Today for example is Breakfast without bread. Has a ring to it…dont you think!


What is My challenge and why is it different to The challenge?…hopefully its not as hard.

My challenge is a diet like The challenge but this time its only for 31 days and only grain free.

I am doing it for this long because lets face it 365 days is hell of a lot of meals. 31 days however is achievable I believe. I managed to get to day 79 on take 1 of The challenge so I am hopeful that I can do as good this time.

Its 1am on 25th of May 2020. We are still in lockdown. My aim is to try and be as positive about my choice as I can be. I will try to comment and post about my emotions on a daily basic. This will give you an idea of the struggles that our minds and bodies have to go though when we change something in our diets. Change in its self is very important and we will cover that too at some time or another.

My challenge is to eat grain free for 31 days, starting from today. I am gonna be able to have sugar and dairy in limited amounts. Not only that but the dairy is going to be low fat options. Fats are permitted in my challenge but at a reasonable amount, I am not going to be pouring olive oil on to my salads any time soon. I will try to dry fry my eggs if I want fried eggs. I will use only good source of fats and they will be updated on to my page at a time I see fit.

I am going to enjoy the task of making breakfast again without the bread and the cereals that I have gotten used too again. Too damn quick I think. It seems that I am unable to see past the bread at breakfast and head for toast or something a little more heavy.

I will also weigh my self after I have slept. I will document this as well as comparing to the jan, feb, march and aprils weight dates that I have already. I may be little upset about these results but I will never find out, unless I weigh myself. To see how much I have actually put back on, after all the crap I have been eating in the last month. May hasn’t been that cruel to be fair, I have not been eating healthy and letting my self get back into bad habits. For example eating punishments

I will also try to post my food intake daily so that you can get a rough idea of the meals that I make. If you were to have any questions or advice for me please comment as I would love a response.

All is well for now