Nothing but now

So lockdown take 2

ITS not like we don’t know what we are doing…or do we?

It’s this or that. I am glad that I am still able to do avon, In which a lot of changed have been made to make sure that MY customers that is,

I am at the moment organising my kitchen and god damn it! It really needed doing. I cant believe how many lids I have kept where no tubs belong to. Never the less its almost done. Two cupboards down eight more to go.

Fedora had a great birthday, but she seems to think that I am gonna tidy up her damn mess…bar matey i have far more important and more enjoyable things to do that do your bedroom or pick up your damn toys…saying that If she leaves it long enough i will have no choice as the hoovering is needed. However if this is the case she will lose what toys to the toy jail and then…bye bye until she can make me believe that she will tidy them up again.

Anyway better get tea going as is nearly 4.30pm and i haven’t even started…don’t even know what we are having…

Speak soon


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