A busy life

Without sounding weird or crazy, I feel that life is so much faster when one is busy.

I sit here after spending about an hour on my avon paperwork and then realise that I have another 160 brochures still to put together before Monday morning…however I have a routine to do 20 brochures to do in the morning and the same in the evening throughout the weekend. Meaning I should get things done. Avon isn’t all about orders…there is a lot of work involved.

Then there is the fact that I am still trying to understand my diet/lifestyle. Before the lockdown I was finally just employed and I was so looking forward to the coming year. Not only that but I was on the challenge. Which was a diet/lifestyle of grain, sugar and dairy free…I lost three stone on it…but gain it all back and more in the damn lockdown…honest that’s the reason…;p

ANYWAY LIFE seemed to be going my way, for once. But no. LOCKDOWN…I don’t normally swear but I am sure people are with me on this…the lockdown was a fucking mental torture.

I have mental health issue along with physical but I manage…more so now then ever but staying in and losing my new job because of childcare really took the biscuit.

SO I signed up, to body shop so that I could sell it and get some money…extra. But it fell through no one on my facebook page wanted to pay the prices. Even if the products spoke for them selves people just wasn’t having any of it. Yes I sold some products but Most of my sales come from my own want for the products. IT WAS a fail.

Never mind that, I then signed up to avon, it cost me £5 to do so. My mum been doing avon for so many years I have lost count of how many. But she got me started and I found that I didn’t need to buy the products to test them like I had to with the body shop. In fact the set up was as easy as 1,2,3. In fact it was that easy that within the first two weeks I had made my first £250+ sales…more then I had with Body shop.

That was July, In August I managed to get £600+ sales, In September I managed to get £700+, In October I wanted to see if I could relax slightly which isn’t really necessary with avon as you do what hours that suit you. But in August , September I worked Monday, Wednesday and Friday…not to managed most of the evenings. LEAVING the weekends for me and my family. But in October I decided to have a week off…I wasn’t too well so in stead of stressing more I relaxed and got better…go me. But it made me feel like I was catching up. Which I was. However i didn’t miss a street or house or lose custom. Yet i only managed to get £500+ sales. So i have now decided that in November i am going to work. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, morning and afternoons…which i was doing in August and September where i was only doing mornings in October….YOU have to put in the effort to receive the orders. It is not just sitting on your arse.

Which until recently I thought it was…go figure.

So anyway busy life. Not only have i been studying my lifestyle changes, doing my avon and looking after my daughter and keeping the house in order…i also had kittens!!! No i mean physically…not me…but my two female cats…of course they weren’t male lol.

THE FIRST litter came on Monday the 24th of august 2020…and there was three boys and one girls. These became Sméagol, Gandalf the grey/Tiddles, trigger/tigger and Freda

THE SECOND litter came on Tuesday the 22rd of September 2020…and there was three boys and one girl. These became James, Aragon/Paragon, Kristoff and Mabel.

Looking after these beauts has been my best work ever and i have loved every minute, sad times on homing them and tomorrow i am going to say goodbye to my little darlings of nine weeks old. Freda and triggure, as they are going to their new homes then…boohoo. But to be fair i knew I wasn’t able to keep all of them…and being me i have been able to keep three…i do believe you have to have more then 10 cats to be classed as a mad cat lady lol. But they are my fur babies and i am gonna miss them.

Oh and its my daughters birthday on Saturday…so busy life makes things go quicker, The lockdown was so slow I almost believed time had stopped. BUT the last few month have gone passed so quickly I didn’t see the months pass by…and i am loving it. Let’s hope that this year ends where the cv19 is also gone…for good and that we can get back on track one way or another. I have not sat here for over an hour typing away like its the best thing after slice bread…got to get my arse moving……so much to be done and not that much time to do it in…lets hope my daughter has cleaning her room…i doubt it.

Speak soon darlings

Shoaba x

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