Okay lets begin

So I said at the beginning of the day that I would start a new way of thinking…and change…the ultra way. But go figure I haven’t even started. NOT BECAUSE I am scared or just cant be arsed, its more for the fact that its the damn pissing weekend, so I am gonna try doing the change thing later…okay? NO! Change isn’t in your time line, lets all face it when there is a reason for change it mostly happens there and then not a few days later.

So we have a great opportunity to try and figure out when we start and plan a head. This weekend that’s what my homework is…and yours if you want to join in.

The first thing we need to do is to make a list of all the things that we are happy about. Could be that your house isn’t as tidy and clean as you may want it or you may find that the diet plan really isn’t hitting the stop…(most diets don’t…dont let us fool our selves here) It could be that your love life is not as great as it should be…or that your marriage is going down the toilet…..we can change everything.


It’s you and I that need to change, dont get me wrong its not for anyone’s benefits but our own.

I will let you all know my list later on…for now I have to go my tea…

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