Miss nice

Miss nice

I am meant to be nice all the time they say, dont be rude always use your manners and make sure that people know that you are kind, a loving person…well I say go fuck your self. I am mad at the moment for personal reasons that I will not go into here…but life sucks doesnt it. Not all the time of course but there are times when you may think you go what just for one moment…for one god damn moment I want to have one day …one hour or even one minute to my god damn self to try and even the score. Karma? Do you believe in it? Because I do. Is it possible for someone like me that believes in karma to speak her mind once in a while and not get her head bitten off in the process. I am sick and tired of being treated like a mug….a walk over. I befriend people that seem to only see me as a money purse and lap on to me like a money vampire. Knowing all the while that I am actually worse off then them selves. I do not lend money out to anyone anymore because it sucks when you have to fall out with these so called friends to get the money back and then the lies come and there discuss, because they have realised I am not falling for their shit anymore. So yeah take a leaf out of my book start being more of an arsewhole, because then people might stay the fuck away and not treat you like a mug….

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